Personal Training Waiver

I fully consent to voluntarily participate in a personal training program and fitness regimen, designed by nationally certified personal trainer Emily Koval, in order to improve my level of physical fitness.


The exercise sessions I will become involved in will follow progressive exercise levels and will be regulated by Emily Koval, RI, NASM certified trainer. The sessions will consist of aerobic type activities (rhythmical exercises which use large muscle groups for sustained periods of times) such as walking, jogging, running, jumping, hopping and circuit interval training that appropriately match my fitness abilities. My program will also include strength training, soft tissue work, and post-workout stretching. These activities are designed to place a gradually increasing work load on the body to improve its functioning. Although no guarantee of improvement can be made, results will occur best and fastest on the three-to-five times per week basis, with a minimum of two training sessions per week. During the exercise sessions, I may experience local muscular soreness and slight fatigue. These minor discomforts may appear in the early stages of the program, however, should disappear as I become more conditioned to the sessions.


The reaction of the cardiovascular system to such activities cannot always be predicted with complete accuracy. Therefore, there is the small risk of certain changes occurring during or following the exercises. These changes include abnormalities of the blood pressure or heart rate, and in rare instances, cardiac complications. If I observe any adverse signs or symptoms, I will report them immediately and appropriate modification in the exercise regimen will take place. Every effort will be made to avoid any adverse reactions. Emily Koval is trained in emergency first aid and is able to deal with and minimize the risk of unexpected events, should they occur.

Before signing this form, please feel free to ask any questions regarding any aspects of this program that may be unclear to you. There are no refunds to packages purchased and there is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all in-person clients.Please consult your doctor with any health questions or concerns about entering this exercise program.