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EmPower Health & Wellness combines the best strategies from fitness, nutrition, and psychology to help clients live healthier, more balanced lives.

Emily Koval, owner and founder of EmPower, has worked as a successful personal trainer for the past 10 years and recently became a certified Holistic Health Coach to help her clients reach their wellness goals. She is enthusiastic, motivational, and goal-oriented in her approach. Everyday she passionately strives to empower her clients to rise up against life’s challenges to adhere to positive health behaviors.

Emily began her career at a Crossfit Affiliate gym in her hometown of East Greenwich, RI. At the young age of 17, she observed many correlations between her clients’ physical strength and their mental and emotional fortitude outside of the gym arena. This simple observation inspired her to focus her undergraduate research on behavior change and the psychological aspects of nutrition and exercise, and thus, began her lifelong passion for holistic health coaching.

Life wasn’t always sunshine and healthy rainbows for Emily. During her first years post-graduation, Emily struggled adjusting to chaotic responsibilities of full-time employment. She allowed herself to fall victim to a highly sedentary, highly toxic food environment. She couldn’t cross her legs or tie her shoes without some fat bulge getting in the way. She couldn’t run down the street without feeling winded and sore. She couldn’t find the “time” or “motivation” to workout and diet consistently, and refused to take responsibility for her choices. One morning, she woke up feeling especially uncomfortable with herself, and thought of her all-star clients already in motion at the gym. In a moment of clarity, she thought, “If my clients can find time in their hectic schedules to workout, then gosh darnnit, I can too!” And that was that. Emily set a goal to lose weight, devised a plan, and never looked back.

Emily has positively transformed her body and life in a year and half, losing a total of 52 pounds and 20 percent body fat. She ran in multiple long distance events, including Disney’s 20th anniversary Marathon in 2013. She competed in two body-building shows and placed in all attempted categories. She even ranked 34th out of 200 girls in her first Crossfit competition, after only two weeks of training. But most importantly, she created a life she loves through the power of health and fitness.

Emily now exudes confidence and joyfulness that inspires and delights her friends, family, and clients. With her educational background in nutrition and psychology, she is able to empathize, strategize, and support others in their journeys towards transformation. She has developed effective systems to correct nutritional imbalances, postural dysfunctions, and help her clients achieve their weight loss and lean mass goals. Together, she and her clients have lost over 500 pounds since July 2012.

“Healthy living practices are what I live, learn, breathe, and dream. It is what keeps me focused, motivated, and attenuated with life.”

EmPower Health & Wellness embodies Emily’s message of resiliency and commitment to living a healthier, happier life. EmPower is founded on Emily’s mentality that the benefits of exercise, a healthy diet, and a healthy mind extend into all facets of life. She believes in meeting her clients where they are at in their current health journeys and implementing small, positive progressions to create a realistic, actionable program clients can sustain throughout a life time.

“It’s all about compromise and partnership. I want clients to say, because of US, I did it. I achieved my goal.”