How to Make a Cleanse Program Meal in Under 10-minutes

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I had so much fun shooting my first attempt of a healthy cooking video! I wanted this video to serve two purposes: 1) to educate you on clean eating options and 2) to get you excited about my 21-day transformational cleanse program that is launching this Tuesday.

This cleanse IS NOT a cayenne pepper and lemon juice type program. I’ve been there, done that, had some successes, and a lot of failures. I unfortunately gained back any weight I had lost and returned to my bad eating behaviors because I was unable to drink that yucky concoction and couldn’t sustain the strict conditions of the program. I don’t want this to happen to you. I want to support your efforts to detoxify your body and your life in a realistic and sustainable way, so you can continue to live healthily beyond the 21-days.

I want YOU to GET CLEAN– clean from toxins, chemicals, and any toxic negative thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that are inhibiting you from living your best life. It isn’t about deprivation. This cleanse IS about nourishing your body, mind and soul through the use of clean, whole foods, self-loving practices, and positive thought patterns. It is a great way to kickstart a weight loss program or start your year off right with an accountability coach to inspire, motivate, and support you along the way.

The recipe I made today is not fancy. It is not complicated. I simply came home from work, chose clean ingredients from my well-stocked fridge, and prepared what I would normally make for my lunch. I hope you see how easy and delicious clean eating can be when you chose foods that will support and strengthen your body.

Here is a break down of the ingredients, their nutritional value, and the easy-to-follow recipe.

Enjoy guys!

And remember to email me at to sign up for my 21-day Transformational Cleanse!



Step 1: Heat cask iron skillet. Add 1 tsp avocado oil and 1 cup of chopped ONIONS.

ONION: Great cleansing food that has sulfer-containing compounds to help us rid toxins from the body. Onions are also shown to help protect against cancers, especially in the stomach and colon, and slow the growth of tumors in the prostate, bladder, colon and stomach tissue.

Step 2: Remove onions. Add an extra tsp of avocado oil if needed. Season ORGANIC PASTURE-RAISED CHICKEN strips with Himalayan Sea Salt, Pepper, and OREGANO. Add chicken to pan and brown on each side for about 4 minutes.

ORGANIC PASTURE-RAISED CHICKEN: Make sure chicken is of the best quality, raised without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics or hormones. This is a great cleanse program protein, shown to increase healthy omega-3’s which act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Chicken is also a source of vitamin B’s, that can enhance energy, cell metabolism and the feel good hormone, serotonin.

OREGANO: Most antioxidant dense spice on the market with four times the antioxidant activity as blueberries. Also, serves as an anti-inflammatory. I love using oregano as part of my cleanse and adding them to my eggs in the morning.

Step 3: Place cask iron skillet so it is half over heat, half not. Push the chicken to the side of the pan with less heat. Mix 2 ZUCCHINIS with the onions and place on the high heat side of the pan. Cover and allow to cook for 4 minutes.

ZUCCHINI: One of my Fave diet foods! Low in calories, high in hydration and fiber. I chop them, spiral them, steam, sauté, marinate them and add them to everything!

Step 4: Add extra oregano for flavor. Grate 3/4 ORGANIC LEMON ZEST and add juice of 1/2 an ORGANIC LEMON.

LEMON: Alkalizing agent. Helps detox the liver. Aids in digestion by increasing digestive enzymes and saliva production.

Step 5: Remove from heat. Plate over optional bed of steamed spinach. Top with 1/4 AVOCADO and 1-2 tbsp of HEMP SEEDS.

AVOCADO: Contains glutathione to help with liver cleansing and protects us against oxidative damage. Also, high in magnesium which regulates our bowel movements, the fat levels in our blood, and allows us to properly sleep and recover from activity.

HEMP SEEDS: Great source of protein with a perfect balance of Omega 3:6 ratio. It’s nutty flavor and palatable texture makes it a great addition to sautéed vegetables and salads.



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