Thank You to All Who Made 1/13/13 Possible

“Stotanism: noun (the combination of a stoic and spartan) toughness, not insensitive superman approach. The stotan must be willing to stand on her own, to resist pain, to stick to his ideals. A stotan is quietly self-sufficient. She accepts the challenges of training, injuries, races and disappointments without complaining because she understands that by keeling on, by sticking to the path she has chosen, she will get stronger.” Amy Burfoot

It’s one day before my first marathon and I want to thank everyone who has helped me find my stotanism.

Dr. Peter Siroka, my hero who saved my foot, saved my race and single handedly made my dream come true. Kimery from Advanced Physical Therapy, the best PT in all the land.

My friends and family for putting up with my selfishness and obsession while training.

My clients for providing me with inspiration to push myself beyond what i thought possible.

My co-workers and new found CT family who have encouraged me, supported me, and cheered me on through this entire journey.

And my mom, the sole source of my character, resiliency, strength, and determination to rise up against life’s challenges and thrive against all odds.

Thank you everyone. Without you, my dream to run the Disney Marathon would not have come true. I love you all.

Here’s to a healthier, happier future!!


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