Total Body Gym Workout 1

Kick some butt and get toned all over! This is an intermediate to advance workout, so make sure you have the foundation before attempting these circuits. Master these moves twice a week and I promise you will see great results!

Warmup: Sprint 1 mile.

NOTE: (If you cannot run, choose a piece of cardio equipment and work your butt off for 7-10 minutes).

Circuit 1

1. Seated Leg Press – 12 repetitions

2. Narrow stance weighted smith squat – 10 repetitions

3. Narrow grip lat pull-down- 10 repetitions

4. Wide grip lat pull-down- 12 repetitions

5. Kettlebell Windmill- 10 repetitions

Rest 1 minute. REPEAT for 2 sets.

Circuit 2

1. Low cable bicep pull- 12 repetitions

2. Low cable alternating bicep curls- 10 repetitions (5 each side)

3. Cable push out- hold for 1 minute

4. Cable torso rotations- 10 repetitions each side

5. Wide stance plank w/ low cable tricep kickback- 10 repetitions

Rest 1 minute. REPEAT for 2 sets.
Cool down: Stair climber at a slow pace for 5 to 10 minutes.

**Trainer Notes: Complete each exercise in succession without rest. Push yourself and lift heavy. You should feel like you cannot complete another repetition by the last rep. Don’t worry about “bulking” up if you are a woman– you need testosterone for big muscles, a hormone that we women DON’T HAVE!


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