My 911 Gym Bag


Baby bags. First aid kits. Sewing kits. Tool boxes. Whether it is a paper cut, a dirty diaper, a wardrobe malfunction or a collapsed roof, these preparation packages help people stay organized and on task during times of crises. Organizing and compartmentalizing necessities, while making them easily accessible, prepares you for whatever life throws your way.

Life is spontaneous, 9-5 schedules are rare. Days without disruptions are rare. Deadlines, obligations, and responsibilities often eat away at vital gym time. In fact, “lack of time” is the most reported reason for quitting a health and fitness plan. Therefore, preparation is key to success in and you will find many prep-help articles throughout my blog.

Preparation means to make something ready for use or consideration. Being prepared allows you to act on opportunities when they arrive, for better or worse. By preparing a 911 GYM BAG, you can eliminate some of the stress associated with “going to the gym” and avoid exercise disaster.

Your bag can also serve as a visual reminder for you to pursue your fitness goals. And most importantly, always have your 911 bag at reach. It doesn’t help if you leave it at home!

Benjamin Disraeli
The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes

Top row from left to right:

1. T-shirt: A comfy workout tee is always a good staple to your 911 bag. You will feel relieved to have this option on the days you feel self-conscious or when the weather is bad.

2. Sports bra (if needed): Make sure the bra matches your activity. If you are running or doing a high-pact activity, wear materials that will support the girls and prevent chaffing. If you are hitting the weight room, padded and stylish options will help you feel confident and protect you from the embarrassment of accidental high beams.

3. Tank Top: For when you’re feeling “sexy and you know it” or just when it is just plain hot(t)!

4. Headphones: Worst thing in the world to forget! I am a headphone junkie– I have them in every shape, size, function and color. My music helps me focus and sets the mood for my workout.

5. Gym bag: I always suggest choosing a bag with one big pocket, rather than smaller compartments. I find that my things never fit correctly into sewn in pockets. I also never remember the function of the compartments, and everything ends up being a jumbled mess.

Instead, I organize everything into categories and use smaller bags to compartmentalize my stuff (i.e. see cheetah bag contents in 7, 8 and 11).

Middle row from left to right:

6. Pants (or shorts): Self-explanatory.

7. Retired make up: Make use of old make up that clutters your bathroom drawers.

8. Beauty Necessities: Face cream, deodorant, hair brush and any other products you absolutely cannot leave the house without.

9. Pre/post workout mix: If you are not pro-supplement, consider bringing an ice tea packet, Gatorade, or protein mix for times when your energy is low.

Bottom row from left to right:

10. Two pairs of socks: I always pack two pairs to make sure my feet never go commando.

11. Emergency Kit: Think of worst case scenarios. My worst fear is to have my contacts fall out when I am not at home and without my glasses. Therefore, I always pack a spare pack of contacts. Other things in my emergency kit are tampons, Tylenol, Aquafor cream, and hair elastics.

12. Polar heart rate monitor and watch: Best way to monitor the intensity of your workouts. It is also especially useful for workouts outside of the gym.

13. I-POD: More on the importance of music. Music matters. It sets the mood, it sets the pace, it sets the focus of your workout. Make sure you always have a backup music device available.


  • Back up inhaler, Epipen, sunscreen or other medications, vitamins, or supplements you may need for indoor and outdoor exercise
  • Extra undergarments
  • Long sleeve shirt if the weather is cold
  • Backup workout journal/workout plans
  • Flip flops for gym shower
  • Lock for locker-room
  • Towels (both bath/face)- one for shower and one for sweat

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